Chapter 128

On the second floor of an ordinary courtyard, Minlan sat down on a chair and said, "Let me do it. Just for one thing, when I was giving birth to a child in your hospital, Although you were not the attending physician, you were just a nurse at that time. However, you were the one who cleaned the child's body. Do you remember any marks on my child?"

The head nurse looked at her in surprise. Actually, when Minlan entered the delivery room back then, Nurse Rika had a very deep impression of her.

Because too many pregnant women did not pay much attention to their image, but Minlan was still very beautiful. She cleaned herself up and the fabric of her clothes was also very high-end and beautiful.

However, what made people cherish her was that she came alone and did not even have a family member by her side. This made the nurses feel troubled. In private, there were many people who suspected that she was someone else's lover and did not want to see the light of day. Th

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