Chapter 136

Yoseph stood in front of the door with a cold expression and a serious expression.

After that, he walked into the office with heavy steps. The huge Design Department's office instantly became silent. Everyone held their breaths and concentrated, not daring to do anything that had nothing to do with their work.

However, many people were still trembling with fear because Yoseph's appearance was too sudden and they did not have time to prepare.

The girls who usually regarded Yoseph as their Prince Charming did not dare to stare at him recklessly at this moment.

They only hated themselves for quickly turning transparent. They must not let Yoseph catch on to them. Otherwise, they would lose their job, which they had worked so hard to get.

"What is this? The company clearly stipulated that food was not allowed during working hours." Suddenly, Yoseph walked past a woman's table and took away a magazine that she had put aside. Inside was a half-eaten hambu

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