Chapter 140

In the dark of the night, the atmosphere is romantic and misty, and the more peaceful it is, the flames buried deep in the heart, the crazier they burn.

Archie used the excuse of wanting her to get pregnant as soon as possible. During this period of time, he wanted to squeeze out all of her enthusiasm.

Tonight, Archie still did not let her go. He would only let her go to sleep after they were exhausted.

Emma was so tired that she almost collapsed. She lay in his arms and did not want to move. But the feeling of being loved by him was indescribable.

If she could satisfy him and make him happy, no matter what he wanted to do, she would try her best to cooperate with him.

In the morning, Emma was lying in bed again. When she opened her eyes, it was almost ten o'clock. She secretly sighed. Recently, it was getting late to go to the company. The private discussions definitely would not be little.

However, Kevin did not care about her anymore. She

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