Chapter 142

Emma's small face was already boiling hot. Her two small hands were forced to support Archie's firm chest and were about to forcefully push him away.

Heavens, could this man pay attention to the occasion?

It was currently the peak hour after work. The entrance and exit of the hall were all employees of the company. Archie's luxury car, which was worth tens of millions, was parked in the middle of the hall.

The scene of Emma being kissed was naturally appreciated by everyone.

"Archie. . ." Emma weakly moved her head away from his palm. She had time to catch her breath. She glared at him angrily.

Archie's thin lips curled up evilly. There was pride in his eyes.

"Who told you to mess with me? Serves you right!" It was obvious that he wanted to bully her. Archie started the engine and drove the car out of Civada Hall.

This man was really unwilling to take a loss!

Sigh, I really have to stop this kind of joke from happening in the f

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