Chapter 160

Archie's words made Emma subconsciously reach out and touch her cheek that was hit yesterday. After wiping the ointment, the swelling had already disappeared and it no longer hurt.

But for some reason, perhaps she was still feeling wronged in her heart. After Archie asked, she actually felt that her face was still burning.

"If someone bullies me, will you make the decision for me?" Emma asked jokingly. She looked at Archie's perfect side profile. After hearing her words, her gentle lines instantly tensed up and became much colder.

"Of course. Whoever wants to bully you is slapping my face. How can I be lenient?" Archie replied in a serious manner.

His honesty was so obvious that it warmed Emma's heart.

If she had told him about the matter of Helena beating her up yesterday, Archie would definitely make the decision for her.

However, Emma did not want to say it. After all, Helena and Yoseph were related. It would not be good for everyone if t

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