Chapter 187

The van made seven turns and eight turns in the city and finally got on a highway.

Hezi was ready to take Emma to a bar in another city because he believed it would be safer to leave the capital.

Emma's face was so pale that there was not a trace of blood on it. She bent her legs and was forced to squeeze in the narrow aisle. There were men watching her from both sides like vipers.

It was difficult for her to even want to die now, let alone escape.

"Boss, this woman is really tender. My heart is itching just by looking at her. Can you let me play once first? You can give me the money from last month, but let me play with this woman once!" One of the extremely wretched men stared at Emma, revealing a wolf-like greed.

Hezi stared at him fiercely. "You better keep your saliva first. Such a good thing. If her hands get dirty, I'm afraid you won't be able to sell it for a high price."

"Doesn't that group of old men only have a few money? Boss, wh

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Joline Baliwang
youre updating every chapter is very slow..

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