Chapter 224

The atmosphere in the ward instantly froze. James held the shirt in his hand, looked left and right, and looked up and down. Although it was also a high and pure handmade shirt, it was very obvious that the size was wrong.

Archie's eyes were really sharp. He actually easily found out that this was not his shirt.

Archie's expression was already livid and ugly. He pulled the shirt away. When he saw that the size was not right, he threw it on the ground with one hand.

"Did you really find this shirt in my bedroom?" Archie's eyes turned fiercely and stared at James.

James trembled and nodded immediately. "Yes, I did find it on the bed."

"Damn it, how is this possible? Did a man come into my house?" Archie was about to die from anger.

James also boldly thought of it. "Young master, do you think there will be a thief who wants to go in and steal something? I left in a hurry just now, so I didn't check properly."

"Where did this shirt come f

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Helen Grace Hanopol
how can a novel end like this? hanging?
goodnovel comment avatar
Ronel Bunting Thom
Why not give the whole book to read at once to wait everyday for a new chapter makes a person not interested in the book anymore

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