Chapter 298

She only knew that he would leave very early in the morning. Other than that, what exactly did he do? Emma only felt her brain swell and was in a trance.

Yoseph looked at her flickering and uneasy eyes and knew that his words had already taken effect.

Actually, Yoseph had wanted to mention this dark history of Archie to Emma a long time ago. Unfortunately, Emma's large and clear eyes were staring at him. He could not say anything.

Emma panted for a while and forcefully suppressed the uneasiness in her heart. Her beautiful eyes looked down and stared straight at Yoseph. "Stop sowing discord here. Let me tell you, it is useless. I will not give up my love for Archie because of what kind of person he is."

Yoseph gently clapped his hands. "You are very smart. You actually know the purpose of my words."

"You are the one who thinks I am too stupid. Your underestimation of your opponent will bring you a painful lesson sooner or later." Emma retorted with a sharp tongue.

"I have never underes
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