Chapter 310

"What the hell is going on? Why did those people want to kill you?" Jasson was shocked and anxious, but he was more furious.

Someone actually dared to chase after his son? This was simply too arrogant.

"Dad, it's not convenient to talk about this matter over the phone. I'll talk about it when I get home." Yoseph was worried that his phone would be monitored. So, he hung up the phone after saying that.

"Go and find me a wheelchair. I have to go home now!"

"Young master, the doctor means. . . "

"If anything happens, I can take responsibility for it." Yoseph's tone was very firm.

Wira had no choice but to stop persuading him. He turned around and found a wheelchair.

The anesthesia gradually dissipated, and the pain in the wound began to burn. Yoseph, who had lost too much blood, had a somewhat pale face.

He endured the pain and sat in his wheelchair. Wira pushed him out of the hospital, and dozens of bodyguards were already waiting outside the door.

Yoseph's large palm tightened his grip
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