Chapter 334

A man's lips carry his usual dominance, the deeper the kiss.

Emma tried her best to raise her head. The air in her heart was about to be sucked dry by him. She panted slightly.

The man did not use any strength in his fingers. His fingers gently caressed her soft little face. That manner, he doted as much as he doted on her.

Emma's heart had long trembled because of his doting.

After an unknown period of time, Emma only felt that her entire body was boiling.

She stretched out her hand to stop the man from continuing to attack and panted as she said, "You just said that you want to come back and talk to me about my father. Let's talk now."

Archie kissed her on the lip as if he hadn't had enough. Then he hugged her and sat on the sofa with her.

"You said you can't get through to your father's phone?" Archie raised his eyebrows slightly. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

Emma nodded her head. She was a little puzzled and puzzled. "Yes, I really feel that it is very strange. Isn't
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