Chapter 337

In the small dining hall of the Grafton Family villa, the orange lights lit up an elegant and quiet little world.

An exquisite and delicious dinner was placed on the table. Uncle Suan sat on the table and placed half a bowl of rice in front of Yenny.

Yenny thoughtfully supported her face with her hand and quietly watched Uncle Suan's every move.

"Eat!" Uncle Suan also handed over the chopsticks and spoke in a calm voice.

Yenny put down the hand on her cheek and took the chopsticks. She picked up a small piece of vegetable leaf and put it into her mouth to chew.

Uncle Suan also started to eat, but his mind was more focused on Yenny's gloomy face.

After Yenny swallowed a mouthful of food, she finally broke the silence and said, "I have decided to move out from here tomorrow."

"Are you afraid that Miss Emma will be angry with you?" Uncle Suan frowned.

After being with Emma for so long, she was very approachable. Her modest and polite personality had always been very likable.

But when he
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Thembi Ngubo
Really interesting so far! I wonder what will happen at the end as each chapter has twists and turns

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