Chapter 361

Emma turned around and looked at Emily. She was a young girl who had been acting tyrannically above her head. Now that she had grown up, her spirit had become much sharper. Moreover, it could be seen that her career was not going well.

Although Emma was no longer working at Civada, it was still very easy for her to know about the internal situation of Civada.

She just needed to call Kevin.

Emma recalled Emily's forced look just now and did not know which of her nerves was wrong. She took out the phone in her bag and leaned against a pillar in the hall and began to call Kevin.

The call was quickly picked up and Kevin's warm voice sounded, "Young Mistress of Grafton Family finally remembered to call me. I am really honored."

"Kevin, don't make fun of me. Our colleagues have been together for so long. You still don't understand my situation?" They chatted and laughed like old friends.

"Emma, are you really not coming to Civada to work? Is it because Civada changed his boss?" Kevin asked
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