Chapter 414

Minlan's face was very stiff and pale, as if she had received a huge blow.

"Old master, even if the old lady agrees to cancel the engagement, But I cannot agree." Minlan had a modest and polite expression just now. Suddenly, her expression changed. "My daughter made a mistake because she loves your grandson. She was locked up in the cell. In the end, it was because she loved Archie too much. She had suffered so much. If I withdraw the marriage. . . I'm afraid that my daughter won't even have the courage to live. I hope you can understand my feelings as a mother."

"Mrs. Sandford, do you think our Grafton Family will marry a woman who has been in jail? When your daughter committed a crime, In the end, it was only because your Sandford Family's tutelage failed too much. That's why you raised such a good daughter who doesn't care about the law." Old Master Grafton's mouth was full of evil deeds. Even though he was old, he could still argue about such things. He didn't feel

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The story is very good but when are u updating more characters pls

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