Chapter 417

It was already four o'clock when Emma left her grandfather's house. After Emma cried in the car, she remembered that she had more important things to do.

She wanted to follow Archie and Yunita's dinner situation today.

Thinking of her foolish actions, Emma's heart was very sad. Perhaps she should be more proud and not care who he met with.

However, she was also so unwilling. That man kept saying that he loved her and only loved her.

She failed to keep all of his words in her heart and even gave her heart to him.

Although she also wanted to be proud and free, in the end, she was limited by her heart and could only act like a fool.

Emma's small car was submerged in a wave of cars. Around six o'clock, far away, she saw Archie's line of cars scuttling out of the underground parking lot and converging into the traffic.

The night was dark, and he was in a hurry to see other women. This kind of feeling was really like he had f*cked a dog.

Emma secretly gritted her teeth. The throttle under h
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Dawn Preciado
So ready to drop this story and app. I am ready Six books with no updates. So ridiculous . They removed a book I really liked in my he middle of the story with no explanation . Totally left me hanging after months of reading it. This app only cares about the money not the readers .
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Dawn Preciado
So irritating that we have to wait so long do your job please author
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Dawn Preciado
UPDATE Please!!!

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