Chapter 418

Yunita was about to reach her seat. Emma's brain heated up and she suddenly came up with a plan.

She threw the menu that was blocking her face to the side of the table and then turned around and walked towards their table in an incomparably cool and unrestrained manner.

Yunita had just placed two cocktails on the table, and deliberately put one of the blue cocktails in front of Archie.

Archie was about to take the glass when he suddenly heard footsteps and looked up.

His deep eyes were slightly startled.


Emma, on the other hand, tried her best to squeeze out a smile. She walked in front of him and greeted, "What a coincidence, Archie, you are also eating here."

Yunita's expression changed drastically. She stared at Emma with extreme hatred.

Where did this damn woman come from?

To actually appear at such a crucial moment, wouldn't she disrupt her plan?

Thinking of this, Yunita was also an extremely shrewd and scheming woman. She quickly reached out to grab the cocktail th
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