Chapter 419

Emma dragged her tired body back home. It was already past eleven o'clock at night.

Minlan sat on the sofa and did not sleep. She was so anxious that her face turned pale.

"Emma, where did you go? You came back so late. Do you know how worried I was about you?" Minlan was so anxious that she almost went crazy.

Emma felt guilty and did not dare to look into her mother's eyes. She could only lower her head.

"You drank?" Minlan frowned.

Emma was stunned and instantly nodded. "Yes, I drank some wine."

"Emma, what do you want me to say about you? You are not the daughter of an ordinary family. Did you go to the bar alone to get drunk? How dangerous is that? You're a single girl. If you meet a bad person, you'll lose your life." Minlan only thought that she was suffering from the pain of losing love, so she wanted to use alcohol to relieve her worries.

"Mom, didn't I come back safe and sound? Alright. I'll stop talking. I'm going upstairs to sleep. I'm so sleepy." Emma did not want to liste
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