Chapter 420

Emma angrily went back into the car. Her snow-white little face was red with anger.

She actually called her a chicken that did not know how to lay eggs. This term was too unpleasant to hear. She even called her a chicken in front of so many people.

Even if she was an elder of the Wolfleim Family, she should at least show some respect to her.

Didn't she just not like her marrying into the Wolfleim Family? Did she ever say that she really wanted to marry into the Wolfleim Family?

Hmph, she had already cursed at her before the matter was clarified. Who could bear such resentment?

After Minlan spoke a few words to Mrs. Wolfleim, she also walked out in a hurry. In the car, she saw Emma who was angered and sat in with an ugly expression. She did not want to say a word.

"Mom, are you blaming me?" Emma knew that she was a little impulsive just now and splashed cold water on Mrs. Wolfleim's face in front of so many people. But at that time, her qi an

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