Chapter 422

The next morning, a piece of news hit the Internet headlines.

A letter of annulment was announced by all the major news media outlets first, and it was so big that it had never been published before.

All the headlines were talking about this matter, as if they were afraid that no one would see it.

On the breakfast table of Sandford Family, Dexon, who had always been calm, suddenly went berserk. He tore the newspaper in his hands into pieces and threw it all over the floor.

"Hubby, who provoked you so early in the morning?" Minlan was shocked. She thought that the breakfast today did not suit his taste and made him angry.

Dexon said angrily, "Grafton Family is going too far. Why did they post the annulment agreement on the Internet? Are they trying to let everyone know that my daughter was annulled by him?"

When Minlan heard this news, her whole body stiffened, and her face instantly became filled with grief and indignation.

"I'm afraid that the old matter of my daughter will be hyped
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Romualda Belnas
what chapter they stopped?
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Ann Reid
Why is it saying it is completed, they have left the story unfinished, what a waste of money
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Please update

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