Dearest Wife
Dearest Wife
Author: yumechan

Chapter 1

The glaring sunlight fell into the huge glass window, refracting the light and brightening up the room.

On the three-meter large bed, a girl was twisting her body in pain. Her small face was flushed red, and her entire body seemed to be burning.

The bathroom door opened, and a man wearing a towel walked out. His cold gaze swept across the girl.

Then, like a king, he lazily sat on the edge of the bed.

The girl seemed to have sensed the strong male hormones around her. Her two white hands couldn't help but touch the man.

Her consciousness was completely confused, leaving only her instincts.

Her small hands touched the man's sturdy body, and then she started to kiss the man.

Her kiss was not skilled, but it was as passionate as fire.

The man sneered. He did not have any pity for her. He pressed her down and started to make love!

In Country F, the golden autumn sunlight was extremely brilliant.

The Quinsley Family would have a grand celebration. The young mistress of the Quinsley Family, Emily Quinsley, would marry the son of the richest man in the Country F, Archie Grafton.

This marriage was a perfect match, and it was enviable.

To the Quinsley Family, becoming relatives with the Grafton Family could help their family's business develop and build a solid foundation.

On this day, the wedding of the century, which was the focus of the world, was held at the most beautiful seaside in the Country F.

The place was filled with fresh flowers, guests, and celebrities. It was a grand scene that people would never forget for the rest of their lives.

Archie Grafton seemed to attach great importance to this marriage. He spent hundreds of millions to build this crystal palace just to marry his fiancée. Such a way of pampering his wife was simply shocking.

Thousands of distinguished guests were drinking wine and treating this wedding of the century as a topic of conversation. They were enthusiastically talking about it, waiting for the most important ceremony of the wedding to begin.

Cosmetic room!

Emma Quinsley carefully held the expensive wedding bouquet for her cousin. This was made from thousands of dazzling diamonds. She could not afford to lose even one diamond.

Emily Quinsley stood in front of the mirror and received the service of four or five people. She was wearing a custom-made pure white wedding dress. The exquisite makeup made her beautiful facial feature more and more prominent.

She looked at her cousin, who was counting diamonds beside her, and reminded her softly, "Be careful, don't get rid of the diamonds."

Emma Quinsley immediately stopped this boring action and smiled, "Cousin, don't worry, there is not a single diamond missing."

"Don't worry. After I marry out, it will be your turn soon." Emily Quinsley smiled faintly.

Emma Quinsley panicked and immediately shook her head, "I don't want to get married."

"I heard from grandpa that next week he will arrange for you to go on a blind date with that idiot from the Yarnell family." When Emily Quinsley said this, there was a mocking expression on her face.

Emma Quinsley's hand that was holding the flower tightened. It can't be, right? Grandfather won't be so heartless as to use her for a business marriage.

At this moment, the leader of the Quinsley Family, Jaxon Quinsley, came in quickly. "Emily, hurry up. It's almost time."

Emily Quinsley's lips curled up into a happy smile. She stood up like a princess and snatched the wedding bouquet from Emma Quinsley's hands.

She reached out her hand to grab her father's arm and slowly walked towards the door.

"Quickly follow me or else you will not be able to get the wedding bouquet." Emily Quinsley deliberately swept her gaze over Emma who was already dumbstruck and reminded her on purpose.

Emma Quinsley actually knew that Emily Quinsley wanted to show her superiority in front of her. Emma really hated that she did not pull a few diamonds from the wedding bouquet to relieve her hatred.

She could not compare to Emily. She did not understand why Emily did not like her at all.

Thinking of the news that Emily had just said that the grandfather was going to arrange a blind date for Emma herself, Emma was very perturbed.

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