Chapter 2

Emma had just graduated from university and had just completed her interview for a satisfying job. Finally, she could leave the Quinsley Family and live her life as she pleased. She would never marry anyone.

However, as a member of the Quinsley Family, Emma did not even have the right to not attend this wedding.

Lowering her head, Emma quietly passed through the guests' seats and sat in a corner of the Quinsley Family's relatives.

She really did not care about Emily's wedding at all.

She lowered her head and started to look at WeChat!

The music that entered the venue started to play. The scene was silent. Everyone's eyes were focused on the entrance.

Along with the wedding music, Emily held her father's hand and elegantly stepped on the advanced red carpet, walking towards the center of the crystal palace.

Emma lifted her little head to glance at it. Emily's life was finally about to enter another stage of happiness.

She really couldn't help but feel envious.

Just as Emma was about to withdraw her gaze, she felt an intense burning gaze shoot towards her from the middle.

Her entire body trembled. When she looked over again, she found it hard to find the source of that gaze.

She felt strange. Did she have delusions?

In the center of the crystal palace, there was a romantic high platform built with fresh flowers. The groom, Archie Grafton, stood in it.

The classic black tuxedo set off his straight and tall body. His cold and handsome face was enough to make countless women scream for him. He had the face, the money, and the body. Such a man was hard to find in the world, but at this moment, he had become Emily's husband.

When the music stopped, Emily also stood in front of Archie. She was wearing a light and transparent veil, and one could vaguely see her shy and moving face.

Even the proud Emily did not have the courage to look up at Archie when facing him.

This man's aura was too powerful. His deep eyes were like a deep pool. The light rippled and frightened people's soul. Just one look was enough to drown them.

The guests present were all waiting for this pair of newlyweds to swear an oath to each other.

The people of Quinsley Family were also looking forward to this important moment. As long as Emily and Archie were married, the billions of orders Archie promised to the Quinsley Family would save them from the predicament they were in.

Therefore, today's wedding must be carried out smoothly.

Just as the godfather was about to announce their wedding oath, the smile on Archie's face froze instantly.

He raised one hand slightly, noble and elegant.

The godfather's opened mouth was instantly shut.

"There's no hurry. Let's watch a video first to increase the atmosphere." The man's deep voice wasn't loud, but in the silence, it was full of strength.

As his voice fell, a huge screen suddenly appeared on the four transparent walls of the crystal palace.

"It's so hot!" In the silence, there was a woman's painful cry.

The crowd at the scene was in an uproar. Their eyes were extremely wide as they stared at the four huge walls in disbelief.

On the screen, there was a young girl wearing a thin dress. Her face was flushed red, and her two little hands were moving around the man's body. Her intoxicated eyes were even more alluring, and her desire was overflowing.

Emily suddenly lifted her veil and her beautiful face became colorless.

"Emma." She trembled and lowered her head to shout a name.

At this moment, Emma, who was sitting in the audience seats, was also as stiff as a statue. Her small face was pale and her entire body was trembling due to shame and fear.

Heavens, how could the female lead on the screen be her?

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