Speak out

Mr. Azariah could not believe his eyes, a lady praying for his daughter was like strange words to his ears. As he watched her whisper the little words out of her mouth, he could make out only a few of those words once Becky's voice was low. 

The moment she said amen, concluding the prayers, what Azariah will never have baited for happened. Blair choked out, spilling much quantity of water out of her mouth. 

The young man was shocked, and as he grabbed his daughter in his arms, he opened his eyes in shock, stared at the lady on the other side of the beach. 

He had planned on filing a case against her and make her rot in jail, several questions filled his mind on how a lady he thinks is about to kill his daughter saves him. This caused Azariah's mind to be shady as he could not believe his ears. 

'Oh my... Sweet Lord, how is this possible? I mean, the miracle...' Azariah thought in his mind. 

Even though the show had taken place in fro
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