"Like seriously, Becky, you do not know the gravity of your words to me, I am so glad that I could actually convince you on staying, a while ago, I didn't think that was possible, not at all, it was more like a funny dream when I heard you accept that you will stay here. I appreciate that fact so much Becky, and I promise you that you will not regret it, no, not at all," Azariah blurted out. 

Becky's eyes widened in excitement, to say that she was the least happy is an understatement, she has perfectly understood what is needed of her, she wanted to exploded with so much joy, it was actually needed and as she smiled brightly at him, the grin was bright, it passed from ear to ear. 

"Oh my God! like seriously, I do not know if I should smile, laugh, cry, or just stay calm, but my heart feels like it is going to explode, like seriously, I want to cry, but i guess I should bottle it up," Becky exploded in joy. 

There is no doubt that Becky's heart was swell
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