Becky walked around the marbled kitchen with a tray of freshly baked cookies in her hands. It smelled deliciously, there us no doubt that she had done a great job. Every utensil was in place, and the kids had showed her around. Oh my God! Becky loved the kitchen at first sight, like seriously, it was cool, like nothing that she has ever experienced in her life. The great room she saw was amusing, like seriously, it was preciously arranged and no one could change her thoughts about it, absolutely no one at all. 

It was a full room with a well built in slab t the center of the room with an adapted cooker in it, the space was but in an 'L' shape, and she adored the way it looked more than anything on earth. Sighing, she decided to breathe in and out the most as she feared that she might be clumsy or not. She has to be very proud of herself that she managed herself around this giga kitchen, it was kind of awkward, but she managed to do these cookies, therefore, there is nothin
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