Azariah heard how Becky openly called his children to have the snack with her, and his eyes became a sudden shade of black. She wished the young lady had offered to ask him to stay, well, he contemplated on the reply he was going to give her, yet, none was forthcoming. Sighing deeply, she barely knew about anything to say, the frustration that filled his mind, and the desperation from the fact that Becky didn't have his time neither did she even look his way was proof that she didn't care about him, nor was he even in one of her lists. 

The thoughts just pulled out in Azariah's mind, his face was now as red as a red tube, and as he tried his best to maintain his facial statue to make it seem like he wasn't even interested in it. Gently, he decided to make things work the way he wants them to. If Becky wasn't ready to ask him to stay, then he wouldn't. Although he is an adult, and the lady in front of him was too, she didn't even care a little bit about the fact that he was
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