Hidden accident

Since Azariah was struggling to cut another fruit for Becky, he had not noticed when she had left his side heading for the tree, and the moment he grabbed the fruit, he swirled around aiming to give it to Becky, but to his greatest surprise, she was no where to be found, which was kind of aching. Seraching further, the young man saw the lady perching on a tree. Widening his eyes at once, Azariah was now scared, thinking that Becky might injure herself. 

"You silly lady, what do you think you are doing there?" Azariah asked gently starting at the man. 

He wanted to know what is up, and was fighting to do that as much as possible. 

Becky looked over her shoulders, and when she saw Azariah standing there staring at her, she chuckled. 

"I am trying to aim as that red able, I mean, it is so different from the rest, and who knows, it might be so succulent like the others, thus, I want to give it a try," Becky muttered out. 

The expression
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