Norman was actually very greatful for every having some one like Daisy who had actually devoted all of her time just to stay at the hospital and take care of him through out his condition and health issues at that moment.

It was quite a very good thing for her to have ever done as her attitude towards Norman through out all theses while when he was hospitalized was just so exciting and wow......

Norman could not just stop thinking about her and all what she has been doing for him at that moment.

" Thank you Daisy. "

Norman said with a very cold voice as he was acting looking at Daisy while saying that. His eyes were low key being so glewed on her body at that moment. To the point where he could not even figure out removing his eyes from her at that moment.

Daisy in shock immediately turned his head facing towards his direction at that moment. It was quite a very shocking incident as she could not really get to figure out why on earth the whole issue had beco
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