How ever, the deal day had finally arrived when Norman had decided to leave the hospital. Apparently, before he was actually granted on the permission to leave the hospital, it was not really an easy thing as there were still some series of treatments and some other things which were really needed in order to make sure that, things go on well.

How ever, Norman knowing how stubborn he was at that moment, as well as to also so some certain things that could also end up penalizing him, he finally decided to ask to be discharged.

As well as he too is a doctor and he needs to get well soon so that he will be able to take care of other people who are as well sick just like him and even more.

After a long time of having deliberated on that particular issue, his opinion was finally accepted as it even made him to be more happy than the way that he was at that moment.

Norman was actually very greatful for every having some one like Daisy who had actually devoted all of he
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