" Time out, Time out... "

Liam Johnson said out loud as he immediately tried ending the training session. It was already  getting late which implies that it was time to go back home.

" The training session is over. I think it's time for us to leave. "

Liam muttered out loud as he was being very caring for all of his group members. It was quite a very successful training session as every single thing had gone perfectly. That is, exactly the same way that he wanted at that moment.

How ever, it was time to go home as places were already getting dark. Day light was fading away paving the way for darkness to take over at that moment. Moving out one after the other picking up their things, Liam still insisted on reminding each and every one of them not to forget any single thing there.

" Hope no one forgets any thing here. "

Liam still muttered with a very loud voice as he was actually being very concerned about each and every one of them at that point.<
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