"Ashton, please tell them to leave me alone, my leg, ahh! my leg, I feel like I am going to pass out if they don't stop," Olivia cried out as fresh tears poured out of her eyes. 

She was truly in pain, and Ashton felt bad about it. As he held her hands, he felt how the lady shivered from pain and it warmed his heart so much.

The doctor who made massaged Olivia was a specialist in the domain. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he tried his best to be the best in what he is doing. As he applied oil on the lady's leg, he massaged Olivia's thighs some more. 

As the doctor arranged the equipment he had used on the tray, he prepared to take it away from there. 

Ashton stood from the bed and accompanied the doctor to the door as he wanted to have a talk with him. 

"When can the lady be discharged?" Ashton asked as they arrived at the door. 

The doctor stopped as he gave his full attention to Mr. Taylor. 

"When the lady is abl
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