There is no doubt that the state had to invest so much money here, and the services was top notch. Norman works here too, but it is only when a neurosurgeon is needed for a brain surgery to be carried out if not, he will be contented to remain in his sphere at the other hospital where Mrs. Tanyi had been operated a while ago, and the tragedy of my life had started. I slapped myself mentally for calling that a tragedy, if it truly was, I should never have been entangled to the surgeon, the fact that I hate him doesn't mean I don't care about him, nope, unlike that one, I admire him so much__ well in secret__ that's bad but I can't do otherwise. I didn't notice I had zoomed out of the present until Nathan placed his right hand on my shoulder, bringing me to consciousness. "Hey! Daisy are you there? I just said something but you seemed to have been so far from the present," he said watching at me keenly. Blinking severally, I tried to figure out what is going on, and he was right, so m

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