Chapter 2

 I sat up immediately, the way you sit up when a soldier bark at you. A billionaires? That's a big one and the first I've ever heard of since I began working for him. 

     " A billionairess, you say," I licked my lips. " Are you for real?"

      SPENDING nodded. " She's not just any billionairess, she deals with dollars not our currency."

      " Wow, a white woman," I was excited. " Does this means I get to join the boys abroad?"

     He wrinkled his nose at me. " You're not joining the boys abroad. I told you before, we operate in small scale over there. And point of correction, she's not a white woman, she's a Nigerian widow. Her husband died a year ago and left her all his wealth. She's one of the richest women in the country presently. You might've heard of Mrs Johnson Aisha."

       Mrs Johnson Aisha. Ofcourse I've heard of her. She was the wife of one of the country's top billionaire. The mysterious thing about her was that no one ever knew what she looks like. It was said she hated publicity but that wasn't my concern now. 

       " What does she want?" I asked, trying hard to Keep my excitement under control. 

       SPENDING turned to Mike. " Tell him."

      " She wants a boyfriend," Mike began. " I was on our dating site when I saw her message. She wanted a young man of about twenty-four to twenty-five years of age. He must be good looking and with an incredible libido. Ofcourse we've got hundreds of boys matching those requirements and I sent her the pictures of our best boys. After going through all of them, she sent me her reply. Of all the pictures I sent her, she picked yours."

      My heart leapt for Joy. I nearly danced before my boss. " Well, that's my luck, isn't it?"

      SPENDING cocked his head to one side with a jeering smile on his face. " What about your mommies here in Abuja? You're not going to abandon here are you?"

     Who needs these cheap women when I got a billionaires to worry about? But I knew I had to give my boss a good answer. 

     " I'll tell them I went on a vacation," I said. " Or do you have any better ideas?"

     SPENDING turned to Jason. " Don't worry yourself about that, man. Jason and I will work it out. Just get ready for your flight."

     " Flight?"

     He nodded. " You're taking the plane to Lagos State, Banana island."

     My mouth hanged opened. " Banana island? That's where the millionaire folks hang out."

      " You're one lucky boy," SPENDING laughed. " I wondered why she picked on you. Just try as much as possible to give her the time of her life. Remember what I taught you and don't forget where you're coming from. This is an opportunity you can't mess up with. You stand a chance of making a big deal out of this woman if she eventually gets to like you."

      " I won't disappoint you," I grinned. " I'm going to make sure she get the fun of her life."

      Jason shifted uneasily. " We are not worried about you. We're worried about her. No one has ever seen Mrs Johnson. She refused to give her full details to us but I'm certain she's for real. According to Mike, she claims she only needs a boyfriend. I don't know how long you'd stay in Lagos. Whatever it is this woman wants to do with you, we still don't know but we ain't taking any chances. In order words, we're going to keep in touch with you at all times to make sure you don't get in trouble."

      I didn't like this. " Are you suggesting there might be trouble?"

     SPENDING chipped in. " We don't know that yet but still we have to be careful. She's a very mysterious woman with a nasty reputation. I've heard some sinister things about her. You'd have to be careful with her."

    " Then I won't go," I sat back. " I'm sorry but if there is going to be trouble in this job then I'm not going along with it. You can find someone else. I don't want to die Young. I've got a long fruitfull youth to enjoy."

    SPENDING shooked his head. " I'm sorry too, Kelvin but you're going all the same. She single handedly picked you. The flight and all other arrangements had already been fixed and she paid for all these. I don't have enough money to refund her back. Just do the job and if it pays off, I'd triple your salary. I promise."

     I grimaced and it was with an effort I tried not to look soo angry about this whole arrangements. 

    Mike walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder. " Face it, kid. I mean look at the bright side. You're going to be the boyfriend of one of the countries richest women alive."

    But I was no longer interested in meeting this billionaires If she really has a bad infamous reputation. There's no telling who I'm going to meet or what would be in store for me once I arrive in Lagos, banana island

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was already at the airport waiting patiently for my fight. It was a Sunday morning so my flight might be a little earlier than expected. Mike had driven me here to see me off. He'd given me her W******p number and other social media accounts in order for me to stay in touch with her.

While waiting, I had sent her a W******p message.

ME: Hey sweetheart. I'm on my way to Lagos now. Can't wait to meet you in person. 

     I left it at that. I've been with many women and from experience, I've learnt never to be too pushy. I knew I'm dealing with a billionairess. She'd have to see me as someone different and intriguing to hang out with. 

    I wasn't expecting her to reply me instantly. My phone made a popping sound. She had replied me. 

SHE: Can't wait to meet you too. 

    This sounds encouraging and I relaxed a little. I hope she wouldn't be as bad as SPENDING had painted her to be. 

     By eight o'clock, I was already on my plane and was being flown down to Lagos where I was going to meet the mysterious Mrs Johnson. During my flight, I had tried to picture her in my mind. She would probably be in her late forties with a motherly figure. Maybe she has grown up kids. She probably would be fat and short tempered. 

     There was simply no end to these crazy description I've been trying to form in my mind. She was indeed the most mysterious woman I'm ever going to start an affair with.

     Finally my plane landed at Lagos airport. I was sad it was over, like seriously, it's not every time you get the chance to fly in a plane. Well, I have arrived. Now where is this woman called Mrs Johnson? I craned my neck over the sea of faces bearing board of the name of their families, loved ones and others. 

     It didn't take me long to see my name, KELVIN boldly written on a white board, held by a man in Black suit. I studied the man closely.

    This man was a mountain of black flesh and muscles. He was the biggest man I had ever seen. He had tremendous broad shoulders that was impressive and a face as ugly as a gorilla. His head was shaved and there was a knife scar that ran down the right side of his face from his eyebrows to the back of his chin. I didn't like the looks of him. He looks a lot more gangsta and dangerous.

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