"You know, you seem to have this talent for disappearing without a trace. Where have you been?" Grace asked a distracted Keisha and caused her to jump.

"Geez you scared me, Grace," Keisha answered with a small frown distorting her face. She removed the hand that had instinctively found its way over her heart and glared at Grace. "It seems to me your talent is to scare people. Don't you have better things to do with your time than lurk ? Mrs Patterson to make proud?"

Grace chuckled at Keisha, while she closed the door to the garden. "Whatever could you have been up to in there? Nobody ever goes inside the garden now."

Keisha turned around, disbelief painted over her face. "You can't possibly be serious. It's so beautiful in there, I would just love to get lost in the beauty of it all. By the time I'm found, I'll probably make up some excuse about how big and confusing the place still is to me. What with me being new and whatnot."

Grace rolled her eyes at the wink Keisha threw at her. "
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