Cozy life is Still the Best

The days had quickly passed for; another time, and before Angelo had known it; he had already stayed in the main house for about three months. During his stay in the main house, he was able to get along well- with Mark’s mother- the both of them had even gotten a new hobby of watching dog blood dramas- whenever both of their men- are out for work. They had grown a tacit understanding that- whenever they were the only person left in the house- both Angelo and Mark’s mother would immediately head to the theatre room- to watch their favorite drama. Whenever a heartfelt scene would appear- on the screen, the both of them would cry their hearts out. And every time this; would happen, Angelo would grieve after since he was acting uncharacteristically with his manly image. Angelo would mourn for only a short moment, and the next day he would start with his routine again.

It was not only Mark’s mother whom; he had gotten close during the time he had stayed in the mansion- for three

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