But no matter how hard Angelo pleads, Mark's mother won't listen to him. With no way of letting out his anger, Angelo could only glare at the poor stylist. Angelo's eyes started to sting with all the glaring he did to the poor stylist. Even with the threat in front of him, the stylist acted as if he didn't see the glare of Aimie- causing Angelo to stop his failed attempt at looking like a formidable person.

It took hours before the group of the stylist was done dressing up their madam- that it made Angelo feel like he was going to have a headache with all the ornamentals they had adorned- on Aimie's body.

The much-awaited word of Angelo had finally come- when the stylist had told him- that they were already done beautifying him up. The words coming from the stylist were like music to Angelo's ears, making him hug the man tightly.

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