Meeting them all in one Place

“What are you doing here, Anton?” Aimie asked while trying to get away from Anton’s embrace. No wonder her heart was thumping widely; it was all because of her natural irritation with Anton. The face filled with nervousness changed into that of pure relief when he realized it was only Anton who she had bumped into.

“Isn’t it me who should ask you why you are here?” Anton grabs the arm of his sister, making sure that she will not run away for him. “Don’t you know how worried Mark was when you vanished? His family even called our parents because you vanished from them.”

Aimie didn’t try- to break away from Anton’s clutch; she just let Anton fire a series of questions. And when she realizes that Anton is finally done asking his questions, Aimie looks at the features of Anton intently since she is curious why Anton was in the mall that is miles away from his workplace. So instead of answering Anton’s i

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