It Hurts

Suddenly, the memories of the past had flashed through Aimie’s mind. From how friendship was formed between Angelo and Mark. Their unruly days as students and how they formed deep friendships were shattered because of a single misunderstanding. The mouth that opened instantly closed, and whatever harsh words she was about to say to Mark were stuck in her throat. No matter how much Aimie wanted to hate Mark like in the past but seeing the man she had cherished for long as a close confidant, Aimie could not totally despise the man in front of her.

Tracing the man’s fine features in front of her made Aimie realize that she had totally fallen for Mark. No matter how she denies it, it can’t hide the fact that she could not hide her feelings. Though she had already realized that she had feelings for Mark when the original Aimie and her met, it wasn’t like this moment when she could not hide it completely.

The attraction she had for the man was undenia

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