After removing the particles from his teeth, Angelo thought about going back to the bus terminal. Carrying the rabbit, he crosses the road speedily while avoiding the speeding cars.

After Angelo’s do or death stunt with the speeding cars, he reached the bus terminal.

“What’s the name of the bus I rode earlier?” Angelo just scratched his head because he could no longer remember the name of the bus he rode earlier to the bus terminal.

He walked around the terminal, wanting to remember the bus he was supposed to take.

“What’s the name of the place where Mark lives again,” Angelo regretted why he had forgotten something important. If ever he had known earlier that he’s going to be lost now. He would have stolen some expensive things from Mark’s house first so that somehow he could have something to pawn for his expenses. “It’s weird. Why do I always forget to remember the names of places.”

After removing the particles from his teeth, Ang

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