“See, I told you. I should have taken Aimie to the hospital for the insane people instead of your house.”

When Angelo heard what Aimie’s older brother- who looks like a frog said, he couldn’t help but sneer and furiously approach the person who has the guts to talk behind his back.

“Should I call the zookeepers? since it looks like a wild animal is currently on the loose.” After chiding Aimie’s older brother, Angelo didn’t forget to kick the leg of the chair that Anton is currently sitting on.

“You’re not the only one who knows how to say some hurtful words, bro. I also know a wide range of profanities. Do you want to hear?” Angelo furiously said in his mind.

Meanwhile, Anton glared at his younger sister because he didn’t expect that she would kick the chair he was sitting in, “What do you think you are doing?’

It was evident in his voice that he was irritated by what his younger sister had done since the office temperature suddenly dropp

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