Looking at the variety of clothes- that is on the rack. Angelo finally chose from the collection of clothes a simple roll-sleeve denim dress that has a below-the-knee length. The maids were not satisfied with what their madam selected; they thought that the dress would not accentuate their madam’s body proportion and beauty. When Angelo heard the two maids’ persuasion- that he should change the dress he selected, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Why need to dress majestically: when he’s just going to welcome that ugly being’s mother and not attend a prestigious gathering. Angelo is not even mentally prepared- of suddenly becoming a girl: much less wear a dress. Can everyone take things slowly? It’s better if the time just paused since he’s mentally and physically not prepared.

When the two maids realize that their young master’s wife is adamant about not changing her outfit- the attendants can only resign with their madam’s choice of dress to wear.

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