Falling Helplessly: The CEO's Beautiful Mistake
Falling Helplessly: The CEO's Beautiful Mistake
Author: Timi Lehin

Chapter One

She was so scared,she kept on running, she could still hear his footsteps. He kept running after her.she was lost,there were lots of trees around,she stood for a minute,she felt breathless. She continued to run,she tripped over a fallen branch and fell to the ground. She whimpered as she saw his shadow coming closer.

"Please...," she begged. She was very scared and she moved backwards. He kept coning closer to her and she moved further away from him until she hit a tree. She shrieked as he lunged towards her,pinning her hands down. She trashed in his hands and he smacked her. She cried as she trashed again making him grunt in frustration.

"Stay still," he growled at her. His voice was husky,she could tell he was drunk because of the scent of liquor emitting from his body but he didn't have the right to do this to her. He sucked on her neck harshly and she cried out. His mouth travelled down and she felt disgusted. He forced himself in to her and she screamed out in pain.

"Please..ahhh..!," Alexandria screamed,she was sweating profusely, her breathing was ragged and she trembled all over.

"Alex...I  heard your scream," She heard someone say,she turned and saw Stacy,her best friend standing at the doorstep. Stacy reached out to hug her but she scrambled away. She was still in shock. It was always the same nightmare.

"Get away from me," she said screaming at Stacy. She hugged her pillow tight as she trembled in fear.

"Please... get away from me," she croaked. She eventually fell into Stacy's embrace and her shoulders shook as she cried in Stacy's embrace.

"Do you want to talk about it?," Stacy asked her. Alexandria stared into Stacy's green eyes.

'Should I tell her?,' Alexandria asked herself inwardly. She didn't want to talk about that part of her life with anybody.She couldn't, it was too painful to talk about. She quickly wiped her tears away and forced a smile.

"I'm fine,Stace," she said. Stacy looked very worried as she stared at Alexandria. She could tell something was wrong,she just couldn't figure it out.

"Alexandria Akins... are you sure?," Stacy asked arching one of her black eyebrows. She could still feel the fear and anxiety emitting from Alexandria.

"Of course,best friend, geez,you're so nosy...get outta my room,"Alexandria said cheerfully. She could see the worry in Stacy's eyes but she wasn't ready to tell her, at least not now.

'Sorry Stace, but I can't tell you yet,' Alexandria thought to herself.

" Geez,I'm just trying to be a good friend, not that you even appreciate it," Stacy mumbled making sure Alexandria heard what she said. She was still worried but she didn't want to press further, her best friend was stubborn but sweet,she could be a monster when angry so she didn't want to get on her bad side. She immediately stood up and walked towards the door.

"I'm gonna make some pancakes ... you want some?," Stacy asked opening the door.

"Sure," Alexandria said faking a smile. Stacy eventually stepped outside and Alexandria sighed,her lips trembled slightly. She closed her eyes and remembered that night,the night her misery begun,she didn't want to remember it again but it was stuck in her head.

She visited a psychiatrist at a point but it didn't helped,nothing helped. She closed her eyes as she calmed herself down.

"I need to go to work," she said to herself as she walked towards the bathroom. She stripped herself and took a shower.

She stood in front of the mirror and smiled bitterly at herself as she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked a lot thinner and there were bags under her eyes.

She let out a dry chuckle. She sighed as she walked into her closet and rummaged her drawer in search of what to wear. 

She worked as a secretary for the managing director in an investment company, she needed to get to work before her boss freaks out.

"What do I wear...," she asked herself. This was the number one problem she had every morning, she looked at her scattered clothes and eventually settled for a white and black shirt and a black pencil skirt. She pulled out a pair of black high heels out of her shoe rack.

She quickly wore her clothes and shoes and pulled her hair into a loose ponytail,she used some light makeup on her face. She picked up her bag and headed downstairs.

She could hear Stacy's creepy singing voice as she climbed down the stairs.

"You're gonna pierce my eardrums if you continue that," Alexandria said as she sat on a stool near the kitchen counter.

"Scram," Stacy glared at her. They both giggled.Stacy brought a plate of pancakes in front of Alexandria.

Alexandria's mouth watered at the sight of the food in front of her. She quickly added the maple syrup on the counter. She stuffed her mouth with the pancakes and let out a sigh of approval as she continued to eat.

"Stop that,or you'll get indigestion," Stacy teased.Alexandria looked creepy when she ate.Alexandria didn't seem to care as she continued to stuff herself. Stacy wondered how Alexandria could still have a perfect figure with all the food she ate.

"Stop eating like an ogre," Stacy teased again.

Alexandria finished her pancakes and her stomach was asking for more. She hated to admit that she was a glutton even though she knew she was one. She was about to pick a pancake from Stacy's plate.

Stacy slapped her hand away and glared at her.

"Keep your paws off my food,you glutton," Stacy snarled at her.

She stifled a laugh when she saw Alexandria's face,she looked like a child, her lips were pouted and her brown eyes pleaded with her. Stacy couldn't contain her laughter anymore,her friend's expression was priceless.

"What?," Alexandria pouted when she saw Stacy laughing at her. She still felt hungry but Stacy wouldn't let her eat.

"Stop eating like a glutton," Stacy told her when she stopped laughing.

"Well,its not my fault you make delicious pancakes," Alexandria said. Stacy eventually gave in to her friends request.Alexandria quickly finished her food and went out of the house.She opened the door of her car and zoomed off.

She thought about her nightmare again.

'Why can't I see his face?,"she asked herself inwardly. She didn't even realize that she had lost focus until she heard a honk. She quickly snapped out of her daze and stepped on her brakes, she almost crashed into a car and it wasn't an ordinary car,it was a Porsche .

"Oh my God," she breathed. She quickly got out of the car she almost crashed into. She hoped she didn't crash into an old man. If she did,she would die of shame and guilt.

As she was about to reach the car,the door opened. She didn't want to look at the person's face because she was sure the person was gonna kill her for almost causing an accident.

She closed her eyes in anticipation for harsh words and insults but nothing came.

"I'm so sorry,I didn't mean to....," she babbled but she heard nothing from the person.

"I'm sorry,I should have....," she stopped when she saw the person's face.

'Damn!,'she thought to herself when she saw his face.

His raven black hair was gelled to the back revealing his well sculptured face,his cyan blue eyed were dangerously beautiful and carrying a cold aura in them,his nose was perfectly shaped and pointed and his lips....

'Oh my God,'she thought breathlessly when she saw his lips. They were perfectly full,pink and supple,the looked moist and soft. He was devastatingly handsome. He was so tall that she had to crane her neck to look at him even with the high heels she wore.His navy blue suit complemented his eyes. She looked at his eyes again and trembled because of the cold demeanor in them.

"Shouldn't you know when to keep quiet?," he said looking at her with hostile eyes.

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