POV : Allena

I hate situations where I keep going wrong, I hate to see dad's sour face, no smile carved in it, I hate when it's so ignored. I hate being forced into things that don't make me happy.

I was just staring at dinner at the table with no desire to eat it, everything was insipid when it was in the mouth.

"You're not eating?" dad asked.

"Allena, when will you ever repay your father! You're costing me a lot of money and a lot of money!" His bluff while putting the dishes roughly on the table.

"I'll get to work, dad!" my timing then looked at him with a compassionate look.

"Work? Where will you work? What a stupid mind to keep where your brain is, huh!" The coils then go outside the house.

As soon as I caught up with dad, aligning the pace on his way out.

"Your father was disappointed?" I investigated.

You just stared at me without saying, are you not even gonna talk to me? Because of that thing!

"Don't you see my face! Are you satisfied with humiliating me with your abuse! What a stupid yes!" His powerful hand pulled out the length of my hair.

"Awwwww, sick dad, don't do this! You're saying," it makes me wonder when my hands are pulling out so strongly.

"Suck on that stupid, how difficult he is!"

Then the old man took off his squirt, showing my hair falling out between his fingers. You are so strong in torturing me father!

"Are you going to do something that dad doesn't like anymore? Are you going to repeat that moment when David is here asking you to leave and you dare refuse! Look at you!" His eyes swept over my disheveled look.

I looked up at the rage in his eyes like it was already burning. Now the choice is two lines, either stay in this hell house, or go with master David to serve him! It's all so bad, there's no right and straight choice for me to live with.

I exhaled rudely. My guts are now terrified to see his strong arms so close to slapping me. "Stop, dad I agree, I'll do whatever you want let me be sold!"


POV : David

"Where have you been, boss?" asked Fahri when he saw me coming in without a word.

"Well, you don't need to know that!" I said and landed my butt on the work chair.

Fahri stepped closer to me, his back against my desk.

"Old man, he doesn't know what to do!" he quips as he glares at his delicate eyes.

"You think I'm old?"

"Yeah, you're old. don't you see? When is the wedding? Just tired of watching old men play with strange women!"

Fahri's words were right. I should have cut the crap, seeing as I'm 28 years old, even my parents in Germany told me to get married and have a family of my own.

"Why aren't you talking?" he said again.

I keep daydreaming, I forgot fahri was paying attention. I quickly shook my head, and said, "no!"

"You know what words mean, a woman who wants to be treated like, a woman in general? Do you understand?" I frown when I ask these little rhetorical questions.

"Where did you get those words?" He rubbed my shoulder slowly and gave me a good laugh.

I poked my head in one hand... I don't know what to say, 

"From the girl whose father sold to serve me is typical, but she's so expensive, you know fahri. I hate hypocrites!" I said frankly and leaned down on the table in surrender.

The man with the tall body, the thin mustache and the beard laughed softly at my table. "He wants to be respected, watched over, protected, gave him love not just your lust! So be smart!"

"Well, what am I supposed to do, you know women are complicated!"

I don't know. I feel comfortable when I ask Fahri to protect all my privacy.

"Marry her, but if you love that girl, if I think there's nothing wrong with marrying her, this old man could be in need of a life companion!" she flirted with one seeded eye.

I held on to the chin with one hand, and when fahri spoke, he was like a parent telling his children, it is only natural that he has a wife and two children, so there is nothing wrong with telling him he knew the twists and turns of the house and the nature of the experience. I just nodded with a knot smiling, because this was a good idea.

"Yes, I'm going to marry her, it's a waste of money if I don't touch her at all!" I squeeze my hand really hard when it's all made up.

"Yeah, man, you got yourself a virgin saved!"

Actually, if I wanted to I could marry or purchase a lot of virgins when they found out that I'm a CEO of the textile company in Asia. Who wouldn't take me in at the thought of pleats of money and dazzling diamond gold. It's just that I married a girl named allena because I thought she was so different, when she got rich, she said no or she was just a hypocrite! Steaming vapor.

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