Chapter 20. Presh's POV

 It was close to my checking out time, when favor, flourish and Michael dropped by my working place after classes.

  "Hi guys "I greeted moving closer to them.

  "Hi princess "they answered in unison.

  "Where is Donald "I asked.

 "He is checking the venue of the celebration"flourish answered.

"Please I'm starving "Favor said sitting down in a table four, and flourish and Michael followed suit.

  They all sit down and picked up the menu. 

  "I want pizza and orange juice "Flourish ordered.

  "I want the same but strawberry juice instead "Favor replied.

  "And I will have some macaroni cheese" Michael also ordered.

"Alright, I will be back in a second" I answered and headed towards the kitchen.

   I prepared their order and delivered it, and they started eating.

   "Alright, I will check out in 10 minutes. I will be out very soon "I

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