Chapter 21: Day 4 (night)

“Are you okay, Ella?” Stepping over a toppled lamp, which was surprisingly the only thing that seemed to have been knocked over in the whole room, Grace hurried to Ella’s side and steadied her as she pushed herself away from the wall where she had been pinned.

“Better than I thought I would be after that went off… whatever that was.” Dragging her eyes away from the bed, Ella looked at Grace, checking that she really was okay and searching her eyes to see if she might know what had happened but the healer looked just as confused as she was.

“Yeah,” Grace glanced at the bed nervously. All was quiet upon it but she couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t too quiet. “That was… a hell of a thing.”

Ella touched Grace’s arm gently. “Are you okay? Jacob, Heather, how are you?”

“We’re okay… well

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