Chapter 46: Day 14 (night) 9/14

Mel sighed softly as Grace closed the morgue drawer on Heather’s body. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of everything that was going on. She knew that Heather had killed Jade in cold blood but she couldn’t help the twinge of sorrow for the other woman for how it had ended for her. Mel had heard Eric and some of the other guards say that Heather had deserved what had happened. If they knew her feelings, Mel knew that they would say that her empathy for her was a ‘woman’ thing but Mel preferred to think of it as just being human.

Jade hadn’t deserved what happened to him and while Heather had deserved punishment, maybe even death. What they all seemed to forget was that how she had died meant that there was someone even more ruthless out there.

From what Grace had been able to tell from a quick examination of Heather’s remains, she had been killed not long after Jade and going by the ragged wounds, her head had been removed wh

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