Chapter 59: Day 22 (night)

Moving her head just enough to evade and not throw herself off balance, Sinn felt the air brush past her cheek as she moved in under the foot aimed at her head and tried to sweep Yoanna’s other leg out from under her while she was still following through with her kick.

With just about anyone else it was a move that would have worked but catching Yoanna off balance was never easy at any time let alone while they were sparring in the gym. Instead of leg, Sinn’s attempt met with thin air as Yoanna let her move carry her over and Sinn nearly caught her other foot to the head instead.

Grabbing a handful of popcorn from Ella’s bag, Mel sat down and watched as the two women sparred at a blistering pace that was almost too fast to keep track of. “Damn, Sinn’s gotten faster.&rd

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