Chapter 63: Day 23 (night)

Ella sighed in relief as she heard the familiar sound of Sinn’s motorbike roaring towards the mansion. “Next time I’m having the engine taken off that thing too,” she grumbled as she made her way to the library window to watch them pulling up.

“Ahh, well,” Mel laughed as she moved to stand beside her friend. “From what Eric said it wasn’t even Sinn’s doing this time. Yoanna made them put it back together and who would want to argue with either of them but especially our Queen?”

Leaning against Ella’s side, she stroked the softness of Aimee’s cheek as she watched Sinn and Yoanna climb off the bike. Just the sight of them and their obvious good mood, even if Sinn did seems to be wincing as she got off the bike, released a knot inside she hadn’t been aware of and she felt Ella’s body relax too. “We knew they were okay,” she assured her. “I’m glad they’re back

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