Chapter 13: Day 4 (night)

“Sinn,” Yoanna lulled gently, “look at me. Give me those eyes.” Fingers stroking through her dark hair, Yoanna teased it back as Sinn used every ounce of her self-control and looked up for her. Yoanna’s hand stilled as she took in her eyes. “Oh,” she breathed softly in shock.

Sinn’s eyes were beautiful, the most sensual and seductive that Yoanna had ever seen in her life. Calling them green didn’t really even begin to do them justice. The green was a dark olive flecked through with browns and yellows around the pupil and encircled by a line of darker green that was almost black before it met the white. Right then though, whilst the same colour, they had taken on the reflective metallic sheen that most Vampire’s eyes held when they needed to feed or how hers did when her power was high. It was different than the glow from a cats eyes when struck by light as they shone from within and Yoanna had never see

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