”What do you mean by you haven’t registered for your final Secondary School Examination?” said my mother in a confused tone. “Fetty I gave you the money..I right?.” She added. “Yes mother you did.” I began. “Actually…Father….was…” I stammered. I was beginning to shiver. “Your father did what?” she said opening her hands. “While Father was in Libya, he called me through Layo’s phone.” I replied in a very low tune. “Fetty if you’ve been speaking with your father while he was in Libya, and you felt like informing me right now then it is by the way. What I don’t understand is you telling me you didn’t register for your final Secondary School Examination. Leave your fathers issue.” She said. I was terrified and kept shaking like a victim of severe electrocution. “Why are shivering like that. Now loosen up and tell me why you couldn’t register. “She ordered. “And you better be joking.” She added. She got up and folded her arms. “Speak” she thundered. Osifa was awake and sitting on the mat


What happens when a silence is deafening?

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