Your love for Jan Lee is really scorching

“Hey! Why are you still sitting there? He will be fine. If ever he gives up on you, I think he would say that. Jan Lee is just waiting for his twin brother to come home. I am sure they will talk about you. Anyway, Jim Han cannot blame his twin brother,” Tessa explained.

“I am afraid they will fight each other because of me,” Ally said worriedly.

“What will Jim Han going to do, punch Jan Lee? Is he not ashamed of doing that? Huh! If he, does it to Jan Lee, I will be his first enemy,” Tessa said in anger.

“We do not know what could be the reaction of Jim Han if he knew about us. I know he would think about his mistakes what he did to me, but he still believes that we are still on. I feel worried about Jan Lee. I know he is protecting me. Are you not afraid of Jim Han? How will you protect me?” Ally asked.

“No, I cannot protect you, but I can talk to him and let him know how bad he is. I am sure he will r

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