31. Discovery

[Zielle Dukedom]


As she jolted awake from her dream, Verena's eyes widened in bewilderment. A dream about her previous life.

Her heartbeat pounding rapidly, she breathes in and out, attempting to calm herself down.


She reminisced on his calm white eyes, which had helped her get through the toughest times of her past life.

(That's right... how could I've forgotten?)

She got out of bed and went straight to her desk to write Azazel a letter requesting a meeting.

Though in the afternoon, Azazel received that letter and immediately went his way toward Verena.

After her breakfast, Verena prepared herself to meet him. Riona had been preoccupied worshiping her feet after her father was arrested, while the Duchess locked herself in her room and Aldrich refused to look at Verena because he was humiliated.

Despite the fact that Verena had plenty of opportunity to ridicule them, she didn't feel lik

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